Flavours of the Sea

Bathed by the Tagus river and facing the Atlantic Ocean, Lisboa basks in its reputation of having the best fish in the world.

The water quality of the Portuguese coast and the practice of line fishing ensure very tasty fresh fish that will delight gourmets from all over the world. To prove it, just try the various specialties of the region’s traditional cuisine, with a rich history of fish dishes that are simple and accessible to the most discerning palates.

Do as the locals and ask for a few grilled sardines or mackerel in vinegar sauce, not to mention some “jaquinzinhos” and “petingas”. Similarly the seafood rice and “cataplana”, octopus salad and fish stew are other classics greatly appreciated at this time of year. And, accompanied with rice, salad, or even on their own, cod pastels and deep fried fish cake are true delicacies typical of the region, proving that good food need not necessarily to be expensive.

Take this opportunity to make a trip along the coast and discover the variety of fish of Cascais, the mussels from Ericeira and Cabo da Roca, the clams, oysters and fried cuttlefish from Setubal, to the swordfish from Sesimbra and the snapper and croaker from Peniche, without forgetting the fish and prawn soups.

At the end of the meal, it will be easy to understand why Lisboa’s cuisine is one the region’s most praised attractions by its visitors.

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