Surf Godesses – Surf Women’s Pro 21 to 23 September 2012

Estoril Surf Women’s Pro returns in 2012 with a change in dates to September for a better swell window in Praia da Bafureira, Cascais – Portugal. The Portuguese event has been a regular stop on the European leg of the ASP World Tour since 2008 and became increasingly popular to many of the World’s Best Women Surfers.

Joana Rocha, an experience competitor on the ASP European Tours, and in charge of the organization of this event with her sister Rita and their company Rocksisters, is delighted to once again have the opportunity to host a 6-Star Women’s event in her local town of Cascais.

Up until last year, the event used to run in June, but the decision was taken in 2012 to move the Estoril Surf Women’s Pro to September 21-23, to coincide with a better wind and swell window on the Portuguese coast. Forecast analytics show that September is the perfect time of year to run the event with a swell consistency of 78% and an average size of 6Ft. Winds are also very favorable with an offshore North-East dominancy throughout the early Autumn season.

Joana Rocha, who has been a regular European Top 10 finisher on the ASP rankings, has taken on the development of Women’s surfing in Portugal and is proud to lead a movement intended to bring Portuguese Women’s surfing to the best international level.

“One of the most important issue is that Portuguese surfer girls can compete with the best surfers in the world. Every year we give a big push in this direction, to have a Portuguese on the Women’s World Tour in a couple of years ! That’s what we really want and so does Portugal ! Surf is one of the most important sports here, so RockSisters and Portugal want to do everything that we can to support the sport and the athletes. Every year a lot of people all around Portugal, Spain and France come to Cascais to see the competition and to get to know all the professional girls. This counts as a huge income for the hotels, restaurants and shops. This is a very important event for our community. Surf, Sailing, Horse Riding, Moto GP, Tennis and Golf are the main sports in Cascais !”

The Estoril Surf Women’s Pro is made possible with the support of the following event partners:  Cascais City Hall, Turismo Estoril amongst others.

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